Picture a grinning alien riding a great white shark with a belly full of stop signs and instruction manuals.  Cool like that.

Renowned as one of the most original and adventuresome modern jazz bands in Canada, The Unsupervised has grinningly devoured stages all across the country.  Recent touring highlights include a main stage, award nominated performance at the 2011 Montreal Jazz Festival, feature performances at the Ottawa and Halifax jazz festivals, and wowing audiences from coast to coast with their passion and fearlessness.   Armed with a fresh book of daring compositions, thier 2013 Vancouver International Jazz Festival performance had the community abuzz for weeks.  The band is currently planning a 2014 Canadian jazz festivals tour, followed by their first foray into the European scene, and the follow up recording to their highly regarded cd Elevator.

Formed in 2005 by guitarist/composer Jeff Younger, the band brazenly blends the energetic spirit of modern Scandanavian groups like Atomic, with the coolness of the downtown New York scene and the sonic expressionism of improvising masters like Evan Parker and Han Bennink.

The Montreal Jazz Festival:  “This modern Canadian jazz predator is always ravenous for musical adventure – and fans will feast on it!”

The Ottawa Jazz Festival: “Their 2011 performance was outstanding… their skills and talent rise above.”

The Halifax Jazz Festival:  “At the heart of The Unsupervised sits the incredible compositional voice of guitarist Jeff Younger.  Melding the tropes of all kinds of bop, modal jazz and rock, this quintet offers incredibly complex, considered music in a highly excitable fashion.”

The shark is hungry and the alien is looking for trouble…  Cool like that.

The Unsupervised is:
Jeff Younger – guitar/composition
Kristian Naso – trumpet
Colin Maskell – tenor saxophone
Russell Sholberg – upright bass
Mike Magnusson – drums

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Oct 15, 2013
Greetings, Fine Music Folk!  OK, we’re in mad planning stage over here in The Unsupervised world…  jazz festival applications being sent for a 2014 summer tour of Canada, new tunes being finished for a follow up recording to the Elevator disc, and moving forward in trying to get the band over to Europe in the not too distant future.  Exciting times!  After our killing show at the Vancouver International Jazz Festival this summer, we took a short end of summer and fall hiatus due to various members being on tour and out of town, but the band will be back at it on Friday November, 22 @ The China Cloud.  I could not be more excited about the new tunes and having our original drummer, Mike Magnusson, back in the fold.  Welcome back, Magno!

Everyone: I FINALLY got to a bunch of video editing, so keep your ears and eyes peeled for soon to launch clips from our 2011 cross country 2011 tour, in addition to some local gigs that have happened since.  More new to some soon!

Cheers and thanks,

Upcoming/Recent Gigs

Nov 22
- The Unsupervised @ The China Cloud
June 28
- The Unsupervised @ The Vancouver International Jazz Festival
June 25
- The Unsupervised @ Glen67
June 15 - The Unsupervised @ Glen67
Apr 18 - The Unsupervised @ X-Site/El Barrio
Mar 16 - The Unsupervised @ Glen67

Nov 22 - The Unsupervised @ The Now Orchestra 35th Anniversary Festival @ The Scotiabank Dance Centre
Nov 9 - The Unsupervised @ Glen67
Oct 12 - The Unsupervised @ Glen67
June 24
- The Unsupervised @ The Vancouver International Jazz Festival
June 9
- The Unsupervised @ Glen67
April 20
- The Unsupervised @ Kozmik Zoo
January 20 – The Unsupervised @ Glen67

September 14
– The Unsupervised @ Goldies
September 2 – The Unsupervised @ 1067
July 10 – The Unsupervised @ The Halifax Jazz Festival – Halifax, NS
July 7 –
The Unsupervised @ Plan B Lounge – Moncton, NB
July 6 – The Unsupervised @ Gallerie Connexion – Fredericton, NB
July 1 – The Unsupervised @ The Montreal Jazz Festival – Montreal, QC
June 29 – The Unsupervised @ The Ottawa Jazz Festival – Ottawa, ON
June 28 – The Unsupervised @ The Tranzac – Toronto, ON.  clinic and concert
June 27 – The Unsupervised @ The Tranzac – Toronto, ON.  improv show with locals
June 26 – The Unsupervised @ The Vancouver International Jazz Festival – Gastown                          Maple Tree  Square Stage, 1:45-3pm
June 18, 2011 - The Unsupervised @ 1067 w/ Pugs and Crows
May 6, 2011 - The Unsupervised @ 1067


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